Model Contest

The ARMORCON model contest utilizes the AMPS open judging system, which has led the way in fairness and credibility. Every model is evaluated by a team of four judges (with the lowest score discarded) and is assigned a score. Awards are made based on that score, and not upon a subjective comparison with other entries. This allows for an unlimited number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to potentially be awarded in each category.

All entries are provided with written feedback from the judges at the conclusion of the show.

For a complete description of the judging rules, please visit the AMPS Web Site.

Entrant Levels

You may enter the contest at one of four levels, as described below. Fill out one Exhibitor Registration Form for you and your entries..

Entrant Levels
Basic If you are new to modeling, with perhaps only one or two models under your belt, enter your models at this level.
Intermediate If you are an experienced modeler but have not entered a competition before, or if you have had significant success at the Basic level, enter your models at the Intermediate level.
Advanced If you are an experienced modeler, and have entered and won medals at competitions in the past, enter your models at the Advanced level.
Master This level is restricted to AMPS Masters - those who have won the Judges' Best in Show award at the AMPS International Convention.

Contest Categories

Enter each of your models in one of the categories listed below. Fill out one Model Registration Form for each of your entries.

Contest Categories
I Closed Top Tracked Armor, 1900 to September 1, 1939, based on markings
II Closed Top Tracked Armor, 1939 to 1945, Axis, based on markings
III Closed Top Tracked Armor, 1939 to 1945, Allied, based on markings
IV Closed Top Tracked Armor, Cold War (1946-1990), based on markings
V Closed Top Tracked Armor, Modern (1990 - Present), based on markings
VI Open Top/Open Hatch AFVs, including half-tracks, all eras*
VII Wheeled Vehicles and Armored Cars, all eras
VIII Ordnance, in firing mode or in travel mode with or without prime movers, all eras**
IX Major Conversions (intermediate and advanced level only)
X Scratchbuilt Items (intermediate and advanced level only)
XI Figures
XII A Vignettes
XII B Dioramas
XIII Fictional, Futuristic or Proposed Vehicles***
XIV Juniors (17 and under), all eras and types
XV AMPS Masters, all eras and types
XVI Classic Kits (25 years or older)****
XVII Display Only, all eras and types

* Any vehicle with an open hatch and without a figure in the hatch will be considered as an 'open top/open hatch' vehicle and will be judged in Category VI.

** Self-propelled artillery pieces should be entered in Categories I thru VI, depending on time period and whether they are open- or closed-top.

*** This category includes any vehicle that did not progress beyond the 'paper' stage (ie. no prototypes were built) and also includes science fiction vehicles designed for ground warfare.

**** Models must qualify for an existing ArmorCon contest category. They must be built 'out of the box'. The kit must be 25 years old or older, and the kit instructions must be provided with the model to verify its age.

You may enter as many models as you wish, but there is an additional registration charge for your fourth and subsequent models. Note that the Chief Judge reserves the right to limit the number of models per entrant in order to ensure fair and thorough judging for all entrants.


Entries that achieve a sufficient score in the judging process are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The AMPS open judging system allows multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to be awarded in any category.

In addition, the contest includes the following Special Awards:

Special Awards
Award Description Sponsored by:
Best American Subject Based on markings Chuck Aleshire
Best British or Commonwealth Subject Based on markings Mike Carroll
Best German Subject Based on markings Panzer Concepts
Best Soviet/Russian Subject Based on markings Neil Stokes
Best Small Army Subject Best entry depicting a subject from a country other than the USA, Britain/Commonwealth, Germany or the Soviet Union/Russia. Based on markings Georg Eyerman
Best Ordnance/Artillery Best entry from Category VIII Redleg-2-Scale
Best Junior Entry Best entry from Category XIV IPMS Central Connecticut
Best Figure Best entry from Category XI - In memory of Chuck Robinson, Red Lancers New Jersey Historical Miniatures Associates
Best Diorama Best entry from Category XII B The Scenic Factory
Best Fictional, Futuristic or Proposed Vehicle Best entry from Category XIII Neil Stokes
"America's Heroes Award" Best entry depicting currrently deployed US Forces Matt Toms
"911 Award" Best entry depicting emergency or rescue services B.G. Caras MD
Lt. Col. William E. Cross, Jr. Award for Best USMC Subject Best entry depicting a subject from the United States Marine Corps Bill Cross
Chic Mohr Memorial Award
for Best Scratchbuilt Subject or Major Conversion
Best entry from Categories IX and X Jeff Nelson
Best Weathering All categories are eligible Brian Messier
"Missing E" Award Best entry depicting any subject with an 'E' in its designation Georg Eyerman
"Rolls Royce" Award Rolls Royce has long been regarded as a 'triumph of craftsmanship over engineering'. This award recognizes an entry that has taken a heinous kit and created an admirable finished model Georg Eyerman
Best Sherman Best entry depicting a Sherman tank or derivative Mike Petty
Show Theme Award All categories are eligible Northeast Military Modelers Association
People's Choice Award Voted by the show attendees AMPS Vermont
Judges' Best in Show Awarded to the highest scoring model from all categories. In the case of a tied score, the award is based on voting by the Chief Judge and Assistant Chief Judges AMPS

Our grateful thanks to our generous award sponsors!

Guidelines for Entrants

When entering your models in the ARMORCON contest, there are a few things you can do before you arrive, that will simplify registration and help improve your score:

  • Provide a description of the vehicle or subject depicted by your model and include a list of references (if any) that you used in your research. Including this information can gain you an additional 0.5 points to your overall score.
  • Type up a description of exactly what corrections, additions and modifications you made to your model. Include in-progress photographs if you have them. There is an area on the registration form to attach this information. This information will help the judges to understand the work that you have done.

Following these simple guidelines will enhance your visit to ARMORCON and help the judges to properly evaluate your work.

See you at ARMORCON!