The NMMA Club Table is a place in the ARMORCON Vendor Room where club members can sell unwanted items. The club will handle the sale for you, and will take a small percentage of the sale price in return for doing so.

How It Works

as decreed by our very own Doc Wiseman

First, you decide that you have some modeling related items that you can live without.

Next, you set a price for said items. You must label the items with your price, some sort of identification (initials, name, alias, avatar, etc) and whether the price is negotiable (see below for for information). Masking tape or Avery sticky mailing labels work great for this purpose.

At ARMORCON, you bring your merchandise to the Club Table.

The folks manning the Club Table will display your merchandise and track your sales in a high tech columnar pad.

At the end of the show (or whenever you run out of cash and 'need' something in the vendor room), you come to the Club Table. We add up your sales. The club takes 10% of your total and you sign for, and receive, the balance in cash.

At the end of the show, you collect any items that haven't sold.

Negotiable Prices

By default, the price you mark on an item is the price the Club Table crew will attempt to sell it for.

If you mark an item as 'price negotiable', the Club Table crew will immediately accept any offer equal to 80% or more of your asking price, unless you give them specific instructions to the contrary.

If someone offers less than 80%, we will find you and ask you to approve the sale. If we can't find you, then we will not make the sale.

The same goes for 'package deals' where someone wants to buy multiple items and wants a 'deal'.

For example, someone comes to the table and wants to buy one or more of your items. The total asking price is $20. If the buyer offers $17 or more, we will automatically accept the offer unless you have told us otherwise. If the buyer offers less than $17, we will do our best to find you and ask you to approve the sale.

You won't have to worry about us 'giving' your stuff away.


See you at ARMORCON!