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May-June 2009 May - June 2009 (3.6M)

Welcome to NMMA • Inside Story • May Meeting Photos • MAFVA NATS 2009 • Clearvaus Castle, by Claude Joachim • Home Made Folder Board, By Pierre Piveteau (Armorama) • New Releases • Making Grab Handles, by Mike High • Elite Infantryman, by Paul Toma: Bucuresti, Romania • 2009 Show Flyer/Cartoons

Feb 2009 February 2009 (2.3M)

Welcome to NMMA • Inside Story • Minuteman Model Figures • M198 155mm Medium Towed Howitzer (Early Version), by Mike Del Vecchio • Weathering Heresies, by Paul A. Owen • Iraqi T-55 Painting Guide, By Jim Shearer (Armorama) • Members Profile • IPMS JaxCon 2009 Show, by Jose.T.Rodriguez • Atlanta Figure/AMPS Show • Bridging a Gap - DML's Pontoon Bridge Set in 1/35th, By Jim Rae (Armorama) • 2009 Show Flyers/Cartoons

Jan 2009 January 2009 (2.6M)

Welcome to NMMA • Inside Story • Making Real Rust, by Jose.T.Rodriguez • DML US Marines / Tiger Model Designs BergePanther Conversion 1/35 scale • Coconut Palms a Tutorial, by Chas Young • Making Barbed Wire, by Marty (Armorama) • Washing and Dry-Brushing, by Mike Taylor (Ohio, USA) • Color Modulations, by Adam P. Wilder
• Brits N Space (A 20mm vignette, by Brent Watterson) • Making Chains and Springs, by Rowan Baylis • Members Profile • 2009 Show Flyer/Cartoons